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Found on the shoreline, the large fresh leaves can be used as a wrap around meat or fish, in salads or as a bed for grilled meat or vegetables. The dried flakes are a wonderful addition to bread, grills, pasta and as a pot herb.


Otherwise known as beach mustard is member of the mustard family, and is related to broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts. Searocket provides potassium, calcium and a range of B vitamins, as well as beta-carotene and fiber. It is likely to be found in areas midway up beaches, out of the range of waves and tides


Juicy leaves have a light, sweet, salty taste and add a unique flavour to meat dishes with a similar taste to strawberries or fresh figs. Used as a substitute for salt in meat dishes


Originated on the shores of the Mediterranean, an aromatic, anise-flavored weed. Golden fennel pollen is a coveted and expensive spice - much like saffron.


Otherwise known as sea asparagus - grows in rocky salt-sprayed regions, and can be pickled or eaten in salads with oil and vinegar.

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