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Foraging Tours

Join Michael and his team on a foraging tour around the stunning Mornington Peninsula. From the ocean to the land, we investigate the hidden delicacies the area has to offer.

Foraging tours are perfect for anyone interested in exploring the natural beauty of the peninsula while learning about how foraging can change your cooking at home. You’ll also discover the untapped potential of fresh, seasonal ingredients.


You’ll love the versatility of the ingredients you find and the variety they’ll add to your everyday cooking. During the tour, you can also learn how you can store, dry, pickle and preserve foraged and locally sourced ingredients so you can enjoy them throughout the year.

“I want to help people trace the origins of where their food comes from and educate them on the best of what’s available and edible on our shores.” – Michael Demagistris


At East, we source our produce by working closely with local suppliers. Locally sourced produce has wide ranging benefits for the consumer, the growers, as well as the wider community. When grown locally, crops are picked at their peak of ripeness versus being harvested early in order to be shipped and distributed. This means more nutrients and better taste. During the tour we’ll discuss how you can source (and grow) produce to ensure peak freshness.

“I had no idea how many great ingredients you can find in your own backyard. I love that there’s so much out in the open and free for anyone to take — and they taste delicious!”

“We absolutely loved the foraging tour. What a brilliant way to explore the peninsula while learning about all these amazing ingredients at our doorstep.”

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